This page consists of several tools and applications that can be
used for learning and education. From a very basic calculator to a
complete dictionary and encyclopedia, there are tools which some
may find very useful in their day to day activities.


If you need a more advanced calculator, CLICK HERE

Typing Test

The following can be used for estimating your typing speed. Place your cursor
inside the blank typing area and type the quote listed in the box as quickly as
you can and then hit the stop button or the tab key on your keyboard to stop
the timed test. Your words per minute score will be shown in the bottom box.
Please note: the test is only an estimation as it does not calculate according to
errors or mistakes you made while typing. If you typed it perfectly, the score is
quite accurate, but if you made some mistakes, you need to deduct 2-4 words or
points for every mistake. If you want to know the author of the quote listed
in the box, you may click on the "click here" link above the box and a small
window will pop open to show the author. Clicking on the free typing test link
at the bottom of the test will take you to a third party website.

 free typing test (c) 

The following articles and educational tools are provided by the so if you click any of the links contained
in the boxes or do a search using the dictionary or encyclopedia tool,
a new window to their website will open up with the results.

Online Reference
Dictionary, Encyclopedia & more
Look in: Dictionary & thesaurus
Medical Dictionary
Legal Dictionary
Financial Dictionary
Other languages:
In the News
Word of the Day
Article of the Day
This Day in History
Today's Birthday
Quote of the Day
Match Up
Match each word in the left column with its synonym on the right. When finished, click Answer to see the results. Good luck!

Spelling Bee
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spell the word:

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