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On the next few pages, you will find a collection of optical illusion pictures.
Some are still pictures and some are animated but all are intriguing and
captivating. Optical illusions are designed to test our perceptions of what we
see and how we view things. Look at each picture one at a time and focus on
what you see and then look more intently to see more.

Simple enough, it is a photo of Albert Einstein.

Now look again, you should see a photo of Marilyn Monroe. If you don't see it at first,
step a few feet away from the screen and look again.

Do you see the man's face or the face of an indian?

What about the eskimo? Do you see him entering a cave or igloo?

It's a simple picture of a rose.

Now look a little closer. Do you see the two lovers in an embrace?
If you still don't see them, look closer at the center petals of the rose.

Focus on the lines passing through the center section of this photo.

The lines appear to be curved, but in reality, they are all actually straight parallel lines.
If you are still not convinced, place a straight edge along the lines on the screen and you will
find that the lines are straight. They only appear to be curved.

Take a look at this photo of a window on the side of a wall.

Now here is the tricky part...is the wall facing to the left or to the right? Maybe it faces
both directions...it really depends on how you look at it.

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